Multi-barrel completion of wells

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The future of multi-barreled completion

The first in the Russian market

Oil service company

"ADL Completions" LLC is the first enterprise in Russia, whose main focus is to develop domestic technologies for multi-barrel completion of wells. The priority direction of the company's development is the establishment of long-term cooperation with the largest oil and gas companies of the Russian Federation and the subsequent construction of long-term mutually beneficial partnerships

I would like to note that at present the share of imports of equipment for multi-barreled completion in the Russian market is more than 90%, which undoubtedly negatively affects the level of profitability of relevant projects in the short term, and in the long term has a negative impact on the development of the Russian oil and gas industry as a whole . The use of technologies by ADL Zakanchiviye LLC will increase the share of import substitution in the shortest possible time, with a corresponding reduction in investment and an increase in the profitability of projects.

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Individual approach

Individual approach for each client. Quality assurance.

Domestic Product

Production in the territory of the Russian Federation

Any sizes

Any size and complexity levels of TAML

Acceptable prices

Flexible pricing policy

Solutions for WBS

Construction of MSS from the WBC

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Ideal solution for WBC

MCC completion systems are available for TAML classification levels 2-4, including OK 146-168mm.

Any type of collector

Application of MCC completion systems in any type of reservoir


MSS in cased or open trunk

Full construction

Preparation of projects for multi-line completion on a turnkey basis, including consulting services.

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